Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Awesome bad VHS art!

In an impressive show of knowing how much I love crap films and wasting time on the Internet, my friend Tom sent me a link to this immense site: Literally thousands of old VHS covers! I'm a bit of a film freak and constantly horrify my friends with my random knowledge of weird films and actors thanks to hours upon hours of watching the Sci-Fi Channel (when it was good) into the wee hours of the morning. I've yet to look through all of these but was delighted to recognise many covers from my childhood of staring in fascinated terror at the horror section of our local video shop, and horrified in realising how many of these I've actually seen.
No doubt I'll be posting more of the humorous and terrible gems I find on this site, but for now some of my favourites so far!
I'm still waiting for this to come out on DVD; awesome cheesy horror film about brain-slugs and zombies!
I used to see this cover in our video shop and it never failed to unsettle me. It's only looking at it years later than I realise it's a H.R Giger picture.
I very sadly own the very VHS version of this and the re-released DVD...
Bought this for £1 at our local cheap secondhand DVD shop and it wasn't bad! Great cover though...

And some crap horror for the win! You really don't see DVD art like these now-a-days (for good reason) but there is a kind of wonky charm about the badly painted covers you used to get. I for one, am in love!


  1. Amazing!

    "Night Of The Creeps" is an unappreciated gem - Tom Atkins is a legend. I used to love "The Monster Squad" when I was a kid, but I caught it on Sky a couple of months ago and it was a bit rubbish.

  2. What I love about Night of the Creeps and The Monster Squad (both directed by Fred Dekker) is that he re-uses some of the lines from one film into the other! I still love The Monster Squad; it's like The Goonies but with a wolfman! :P


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