Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Tuesday's drawlings!


  1. The third one is brilliant, you should do more like that. Is this with your graphics tablet?

    BTW, I've subscribed to your blog via RSS, but if you or a friend have a paid account on Livejournal then your blog can be turned into a feed for your LJ friends.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I'm trying to do more pictures that have backgrounds and something going on as opposed to just characters floating in mid-air! The pictures are pen and ink and then coloured digitally with my little Wacom Bamboo!

    I've only got a normal account on LJ and I doubt I'll be using that much anymore!

  3. I'ma gonna follow you!

    These are so flippin cute!

  4. Yay! Consider yourself followed too! :P

  5. Hi Jess, lovely stuff, been a fan of yours since Guide Dog Detective which my good friend Abby put me on to.


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