Monday, 6 April 2009

Wallpaper suggestions!

I'm thinking of making a series of downloadable wallpapers as a freebie for people and I'd like some suggestions as to what to make. I would immediately go for my usual fare of robots, giant monsters and insane-looking pandas, but I'd like to know what other people would want to grace their desktops!


  1. Can I see a sad robot? Sad robots kill me, and I want to weep every time I look at my desktop!

    Or a cute angler fish!

  2. Then Sad Robot I shall produce! Funnily enough, I have lots of doodles on angler fish but have yet to actually draw one.

  3. Angler fish are pretty awesome, I think they are far more marketable than people realise.

  4. PANDAS! Not just insane pandas, but pandas doing things (biking,swimming,playing video games), showing different emotions. I love pandas. And anyone with a heart loves cute things.

    Also charcters (anything you can think of) saying thing like "Welcome to the computer" and mabye a animal with a paint can saying "Oops" and a giant paints plodge floating in midair, so it looks like they got paint on your computer screen.


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