Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Japanese Characters!

I'm a huge fan of character design in general, but nothing can quite compare to Japanese character design. Characters are on everything: food packaging, subway adverts, restaurant menus, signs for no fouling - literally everywhere! So when I actuallt went to Japan two years ago, you can imagine how overjoyed I was to see what I could take the oddest character piture of!

I was recentley introduced to this cool blog http://characterhunter.blogspot.com/ which made me want to post my own Japanese character finds!


  1. Ok that is a sweet blog. Character design seems to be in their blood other there in Japan. I always love how they make a character out of whatever ever electronic equipment you buy in the instruction manuals, always being tortured in the "what not to do" section. XD

  2. I know! XD I want to go back just to search out more characters! Hello Kitty practically owns Japan - we even say Hello Kitty toliet cleaners...


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