Thursday, 2 April 2009

Books, glorious books!

Now, let me explain why Twilight is on my reading list before I go any further. Curiosity has drawn me to this much-hyped drivel and I wanted to read it for myself and make an informed decision on whether it's actually any good or not. I've read about 3 chapters so far and the only word that can accurately describe this piece of "literature" is vapid. More on Twilight once I've forced myself through the whole thing...
I recently found Harlan Ellison's short story collection All The Sounds Of Fear in a second-hand bookshop and it's pretty awesome. I usually find sci-fi (well, hardcore sci-fi) a bit hard going but this book is fantastic. The first story of the book, I Have No Mouth, and I must Scream gave me bad dreams for a few nights after reading. I may might have to write a longer review of the story at some point, just because it's so weird and disturbing. Honestly, this guy is f**ked up! In a good way, though. I've been searching out some of his stuff ever since I bought the film A Boy and His Dog, based on one of Ellinson's novels.
Having never seen the film of Picnic at Hanging Rock but wanting to, I thought I'd read the book first and then get hold of the DVD. I haven't started this one yet but the premise sounds uber-creepy. It also sounds like one of those books that never explains why the major event has happens and leaves the reader to draw their own conclusions.
And in keeping with my penchant for stories/films involving apocalyptic storylines, I finally picked up a copy of The Day of the Triffids for a mere £1.50. I've read Wyndham's The Midwich Cuckoos which I enjoyed and this one doesn't disappoint either. I love the whole "stiff upper-lip" British mentality that comes with sci-fi written in the '50's; it's strangely comforting as well as amusing!


  1. If you like apocalyptic consider reading The Road. Cat's Cradle too. It's a strange journey, but fun and interesting. I haven't read any of the Twilight books, but I did enjoy the Harry Potter books. I suppose it's not the same.

  2. I've read The Road - very bleak but pretty awesome. Viggo Mortenson's set to be in the film adaptation which should be interesting! I'll check out Cat's Cradle, the name rings a bell...I read the first few Harry Potter's but it just reminded me too much of a kid's book series called The Worst Witch!

    I've also got The Death of Grass and A Wrinkle in the Skin on my reading list too.


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