Thursday, 9 April 2009

Fat Chunk volume 2!

After being too late to grab a spot in Fat Chunk volume 2 way back when, I had an email from Jamie Smart yesterday asking if I wanted to submit something as a couple of people had backed out. Due to being away for most of this and next week, I won't be able to draw anything new (the deadline is a bit tight) so hopefully Zombie Dog will be making an appearance in the book!

The ZD strips are pretty old (2003 if memory serves) but I'm not as ashamed by them as I am most of my older work. If anything, I looked back over them yesterday and thought I could use a thing or two from them in my work now! Anyhow, it's a nice bonus to have this pop up out of the blue and if the strips do make it into the book it's another published notch to add to the belt!

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