Friday, 1 May 2009

Stationary Designs

Well, I'm about to start sending off work to publishers, agencies and the like and I've just ordered a metric shit-load of promotional material; business cards, mini-cards and notecards are on the way and stickers and badges will be ordered over the weekend. In a bid to come up with some more promo ideas, I've started to fiddle about with stationary ideas, namely notepads. They're pretty nifty and are the kind of thing I know people at cons would go for! I'm a bit of an obsessive when it comes to cool stationary; half of it goes unused buying a spanking new notebook is a guilty pleasure, even if it sits gathering dust for ages. I have a folder full of notebooks from Japan I know I could never bring myself to soil!
So here are the first two of many designs I'm playing about with. I'm manipulating existing images in the hopes of building up a kind of "brand." I think packs of these with badges and stickers would be a nice little seller!

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