Monday, 11 May 2009

Bristol Con and exciting things!

The Bristol International Comic Con is over for another year and I'm sad to say, a tad disappointing this time around. The Small Press Expo was pretty awesome; I made some sales, met some nice people and all in all it was worth the £15 I spent on the table. The main con was tiny this year and to me the only notable stands were Top Shelf and Genki Gear. It's a shame as the con is usually one of the high points of the year and it was rather non-eventful this time. I can understand why it was so small given the current economic climate but hopefully next year will see the con back on top form.

As for the exciting news...! My new t-shirt through Genki Gear will be available to buy from them and Play very shortly. It comes in no less than 4 awesome colours as well as two gorgeous jackets which I can't wait to get my greasy mitts on! My favourite colour is the orange tee as seen here:

However, that isn't the only bit of exciting news; two of Genki Gear's t-shirts have been selected by SFX Magazine as two of their Top 40 Sci-Fi Related Merchandise, one of which is Destroy Them! Whoot! So you should be able to see my evil robot as well as (hopefully) a name credit in the June issue of SFX. No doubt I'll be posting when that comes out!


  1. Aw smashing! I'm chuffed for you guys. Did Phil and Lydia enjoy the weekend?

  2. Thanks dude! Yeah, they said it went really well. They've got some great designs coming out!


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