Sunday, 24 May 2009


Here's my interpretation of one of my favourite H.P Lovecraft deities; Dagon! I've been reading a lot of Lovecraft lately and happened upon a passage about the non-Lovecraftian god of the same name in a book I'm reading called The Secret History of the World. So inspired I was to draw my own version of Dagon and his fishy-froggy minions! I've got a bit on an obsession with drawing big-lipped, bug-eyed fish creatures at the moment which seems to fit the whole "Innsmouth Look" pretty well. I may have a go at the big daddy himself, Cthulhu, but we'll see...!


  1. that film "Dagon" would have been greatly improved if you had been the production designer!

  2. Ha ha ha! It might have been a bit too cute though! :P


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