Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tee design in Retro Gamer!

I've never been much of a subscriber to magazines (apart from Owl TV and Bugs! when I was a kid) but I get the awesome Retro Gamer every month through my door without fail! As an 80's kid who started out with a Spectrum ZX 128K, I've seen the amazing leaps and bounds that the world of video games has taken over the years and RG is a constant trip down memory and sad pining for my Amiga. I got my new copy through the door today and started to flip through when what did I see:

My Genki Gear design! In my favourite mag! Apologies for the bad photo; I was too excited to take a good one! Genki Gear have a few tees featured in the issue and I'm really glad mine was one of them. I wont be sneaking peeks at it for the rest of the day...


  1. Cool about your video game. I think I would be excited (just a little) too if I saw it in my favourite magazine. I remember how excited I was for winning a prize in my favourite mag earlier this year. That was awesome but if one my fav mags featured a card of mine, that would be pretty cool.

  2. Every retro gamer, they want to have a cool design of the shirt they wear.


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