Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Podcast mention!

I've had a brief but lovely mention on the Star Wars Action News podcast! I'm mentioned near the end. Awesome!


  1. Good for you but then I'm not surprised because I really like you art!

  2. hi :) I came across you via jess and sarah, and have never actually commented. But I love your work! It just makes me so happy. About the 'Collision' post: I'm not really into video games (I hate dying, ok???) but my friend got me into Katamari...and it's brilliant!
    I also really loved your Cthulu work - I was coincidentally reading "The Call of the Cthulu and other Weird Stories" at the time, and by the time I got to that story I just kept picturing your version of the monster... it made it quite amusing.
    Anyway, yes, thankyou for drawing really cool stuff :)


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