Thursday, 26 August 2010

Artists To Look Out For 2!

Welcome to Part 2 of my blog series on the Talented Fiends I know through the Internet and real-life! Here are two chaps that I think just manage to crank out pure genius every time their pencils hits the paper.
First up we the awesome Matt Kaufenberg, a US based artist I met through Deviantart. As well as being very pleasant, Matt is a fantastic artist with a great personal style; he does brilliant character fan-art pieces that have a lot of individuality and charm and caricatures that are spot-on. He also does month-long character design projects that are really fun to follow. I would highly recommend checking out Matt's gallery as he has an extremely diverse portfolio.

One of my favourite fan-art pics!

I had the pleasure of buying the Hordak pic below for my boyf!

Next is a fellow I met at a con, where our mutual love for crap films, drawing film characters and energetic babbling cemented a friendship that seems to revolve around David Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China. Dylan Cook is another artist that seems able to capture characters perfectly; he works like a trooper and his drawings are always full of humour and style. Dylan's enthusiasm is also very clear in his work and talking to him for 10 minutes is enough to get anyone geared up and wanting to get on and draw.

Link as he appears behind closed doors.

The best Venger I have ever seen. Full stop.

And David Lo Pan. Genius.


  1. Thanks for the Feature Miss Bradley. I'm surprised you featured the Hot Link pic, its one of my most disturbing...

  2. I hear that Matt guys smells funny...

    Thanks so much Jess! I appreciate the support!

    And i AM still planning on scanning in the Starman you made for me...i promise haha!


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