Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Designs! Designs for stuff!

I've felt at a bit of a loose end in between commissions and starting Doodle Treehouse so I thought I'd just make some random designs to get back into some kind of productive mode. I thought the idea of making temporary tattoos was pretty funny so you can expect to see the Bad Eggplant (sorry fellow Brits! :P) as one when I get the materials through! I've got a load more on the go which hopefully people will find amusing. If they turn out half-way decent, I may post some photos of myself sporting them! :P
I'm thinking of maybe using the tea design for my first batch of mugs (with a format re-design); what do people think? Too boring? Prefer one of the others?


  1. I really like this one too, but I think I like the other ones more. Not sure why, they appeal to my sense of humour in a different way. That's not very clear I know.

  2. Would love to see photos of you sporting a bad eggplant tattoo! I look forward to that.

    I like this tea design but I think I prefer the other more random designs especially the tea checklist.

  3. I like this one and the tea checklist best...

    BTW very pleased to have found your blog through Doodle treehouse and Katie.


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