Monday, 16 August 2010

A couple of artists to look out for!

I'm lucky in that I have a lot of very talented arty friends, from painters to textile artists to comics book artists to colourists. This means I'm constantly inspired/intimidated by my creative pals, but it's all good! There are two of my friends at the moment that warrant particular mention as they are bloody awesome and work like troopers.
First off we have the awesome Jennie Gyllblad. Jen has just finished her degree in illustration, whilst also drawing a full colour graphic novel and has also just started a fantastic online comic called Skal. Jen doesn't do things by halves and Skal is also full-on gorgeous watercolour action! I can't wait to see where this goes and you shouldn't either!

Quite possibly my favourite pic of Jens; just gorgeous.

I (think I) met Mark Pearce through the comic shop I used to work in. He's an absolutely awesome comic book artist and his latest outing, Ronin Dogs, is bloody fantastic; brilliant art, hilarious dialogue and some top-notch pacing. Issue 2 is in progress and I cannot wait for it as Mark seems to have out-done himself in terms of artwork and just gets better each time I see something new of his. Mark is particular good at drawing robots and odd characters who are full of charm and humour and I never fail to chuckle (read: piss myself) at his work.

Currently my work desktop wallpaper!

Please check these guys out as they deserve a lot of props for their work. Please also note that the work on here was used with their permission and shouldn't be nicked - ta! :P

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