Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mug Designs!

I like tea quite a bit; I'm also partial to a few cups of coffee a day and have two special mugs, one for each beverage (very sad.) After supping my x-teenth cup of tea the other day I thought I'd have a go and get some mugs printed. Here are a few designs I scribbled in my sketchbook! They're very rough and the colour was just to make them look less boring, but you get the idea! :P

Any opinions on what designs work best? I will no doubt be drawing some more but thought I'd get the feelers on what people might like. Let me know your thoughts and hopefully I can get some one's future favourite cup made up!


  1. Awww...poor robot who can't drink tea! That one has got to be my favorite.

  2. Surely having both Coffee and Wee in one design is redundant?

  3. My fave is the tea checklist. I've thought about doing cups before but I can't find a place that does them at a reasonable price. Would love to own one of your cups though :)

  4. I can decide which one I like best, I really like them all and if I saw a mug with these designs, I would certainly buy it :-)

  5. Woweeeeeeee! Sadly, my tea drinking requirements mean that I almost certainly couldn't bear to drink from one of these unless it was fine bone china (such an utter snob, I know....)

    But, if I was to be tempted it would be by one of the following:

    Tea! Coffee! Cocoa! Wee!

    Wombat's tea party!

    Tea checklist (especially favourable as similar articles I've seen always include cow-juice)

    And I think Luke would like the "Robots can't drink tea"

    Poor robots :(

  6. Tea!Coffee!Cocoa!Wee!

    That one is pure genius. I would proudly own that mug!! And id giggle every time I make a cuppa... actually please do make these I love them!

    P.S. First time I have commented on your blog, but I work at the craft shop with katie, so hello!


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