Saturday, 19 June 2010

Transformers Mosaic Preview!

This is a preview panel for a Transformers Mosiac I've just drawn, written by my rather spiffing boyfriend. After literally months of putting it off I finally got it done and despite my fears of drawing non-Jess style robots and vehicles, think I did okay! How the fans feel about it will be another story entirely...! As soon as it's posted on the TF Mosaic site, I'll put up the whole page. I'm looking forward to doing a few more of these as they're a bit out of my comfort zone. A great program that JP showed me which I used for certain vehicle views and which I think is pretty indispensable as reference for artists is Google Sketchup; you can download a free version and it's bloody brilliant. Basically, you can create buildings and environments and play with perspective to use as reference for drawing. You can also upload pre-made 3D vehicles, furniture - you name it. It's easier to play with than it is to explain what to do!


  1. I think you did brilliantly! I don't see any reason why the fans wouldn't love it.

    And ye gods, your boyfriend is insanely talented. The two of you are like the Pitt/Jolie of the comic art world...only with more talent ;)


  2. This is really good - I'm looking forward to seeing more :-)



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