Monday, 28 June 2010

Recent Painterings!

I've had a nice spate of painting commissions as of late, so I haven't been totally lazy since culling my daily comic!

Quite possibly the oddest commission I've ever had: Deadpool in drag! The costume he's wearing belongs to Marvel Girl and is in reference to this rather funny X-Men story :P

This was for the lovely Kat Nicholson; he's one of her original characters and was a blast to paint!

A painting of Stitch for a friends daughter; this was really fun to paint!

Another painting for Kat of one of her characters. Awesome little green panda! (Bad photo with no flash and early morning hue! :P)

Another big undertaking over the next week or so is a complete re-design/overhaul of my main website. I've held off sending stuff off to publishers for the time being as I'm not all that happy with any of my stuff at the moment. My website is a bit out of date and could do with a major tweak; I figure that since it's the main place I want to send people to get an idea of my work, there's no point if I don't like it and keep re-directing potential clients to my blog. I've drawn the main elements for it and it's really just a matter of choosing the right artwork for each gallery. The new look site will hopefully be less dull than the current one and a lot less cluttered. I'm looking forward to getting it together and will no doubt be asking for opinions when it's done!


  1. They are all adorable, but that second one really excites me in particular :-)


  2. I agree with Sarah: the second pic is totally enchanting :)




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