Saturday, 5 June 2010

Catching up!

I'm back off to Swindon for a few days for a break, even though I've packed my sketchbook and all my drawing materials; I know I wont last long until I need to draw again...! I'll be able to catch up on my daily comics and some reading (Stephen King and H.P Lovecraft packed and waiting) and just to catch my breath as I'm a bit tired. I've had an awesome week of steady commissions which has been great, but now I'm getting the old voice of doubt back about my work in general so I'm going to have a diet of books, DS and DVD's for a few days. It'll pass like it always does but it's not much fun in the meantime!
Also, had a brilliant day on Thursday; the absolutely wonderful Sarah came to Bristol and myself and Katie took her on a tour of the city (that destroyed my feet) and generally had a natter about all and everything! Hopefully I didn't freak her out too much with my constant manic chatter and general oddness! :P
Hopefully I'll be able to drop a post or two from Swindon, but no doubt there will be a stash of daily comics to come back to!

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  1. First of all I want to tell that old voice of doubt to shove off! Your work is amazing, and so are you Jess. I absolutely loved seeing you on Thursday (hope your poor feet have recovered now), and that book you gave me is fantastic, it has inspired me so much, as has your art work, which is now in the process of being carefully placed around my room where it can make me smile/feel inspired on a daily basis. I have left the rest of my waffle in an email for you :-)

    You are one of the nicest and most talented people I have ever met. Can't wait until we meet again :-)

    Sarah x


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