Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Green Bean Zine!

Working in comic shop from 2003-2007, I met a lot of people with the same interests as me; not just with comics, but with illustration too. One of those people is still a good friend of mine now and an awesome illustrator to boot! Katie Green is an omni-talented artist who, on top of all the other cool stuff she does, produces a monthly zine which is well worth a look. The Green Bean is packed full of recipes, sewing patterns, book reviews and lots of lovely artwork. The first two issues are available in Katie's shop.

Katie asked me to be involved in issue 2 which was fantastic; I had a small interview and we collaborated on a conversation comic in the same vein as James Kochalka's conversations with artists like Craig Thompson and Jeffrey Brown. It was an absolute hoot and we plan to do another longer one in colour soon! Katie has very kindly let me post our comic here:

As you can see, we both very different styles but I think that's what makes the comic so much fun to read! Where my style is bold and absurd, Katie's is very detailed and grounded. This made the whole process of drawing together very interesting to say the least!

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  1. I totally loved this part of the zine - it was all fabulous, but the comic conversation between you both was definitely a highlight for me!

    Can't wait to see you - I'm packing my bags right now :-D



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