Wednesday, 16 June 2010

New Look Squid Bits Daily Comic that may not be so Daily!

Okay, so you may have noticed a bit of a lull in my Daily Comics for which I apologise. After a bit of a crappy week of creative block/doubt, I'm hopefully now back on track and with a new look Squid Bits Daily Comic! Well, I say new look; more like new frequency of posting! As much as I love doing my Daily Comic, I've realised that the worry of getting it done every day has kind of pushed back more important work. I have a part-time job too so I can't always get the time I want to do it. Until I get a better timetable, I've decided to keep the Daily Comic as merely a comic, posted as and when. I will miss all the feedback from doing them daily, but hopefully they'll be just as good!
I haven't been totally moping this week though; I've been working on a Transformers Mosaic comic with my talented boyf, which has been fun and frustrating in equal measure! I've had to suck it up and draw cars and stuff! Well, as much of a car as I can draw anyway...! I'm looking forward to doing some more though, so here's hoping my vehicle drawing skills improve a bit!
More exciting news in the form of a table at the London Film and Comic Con where I will be selling more character paintings. William Shatner is the guest of honour which means Star Trek pictures will be a big yes! Looking forward to it as it's always a fun con and to be an exhibitor will be even better. JP will be selling some exclusive TF prints too so we're officially a comic con couple! XD
I'll also be doing a big push on the Milk Town website and finally adding new buildings and more goodies for members as I've left that on the side for a bit. Already looking forward to it!
Feedback on the Daily Comic situation is very much welcome. Here's to (hopefully) a less grumpy week!


  1. Ooh when is that convention? Sounds like it could be very interesting indeed...

    I'm glad you've given yourself some space to do the daily comics whenever it feels right, plus I often think of creative block being a way of my mind and body telling me that I need a rest, and a chance to refuel on energy and inspiration. I reckon everyone needs a break from their creative output from time to time, whatever form that output takes...

    Sounds like you have some exciting projects coming up though. And I like the idea of a great pie chase...although the question that is plaguing me now is - who got the pie in the end? Hehe

    Sarah x

    PS That history book you recommended me came the other day and I've already read quite a bit - me likes!

  2. You are a braver lass than me. I could abandon my obsessive projects in favour of being able to focus on more important work, but I can't override the sense of failure about 'giving up', even though I know nobody cares but me.

    I've loved the Squid Bits daily comic, but completely empathise that its not sustainable whilst working a part-time job. I'm sure I'll enjoy it just as much, if not more, when it pops up unpredictably in my google reader.

    Congrats on a good decision :)


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