Monday, 29 March 2010

Over for another year!

Well, the Web and Mini Comix Thing is over for yet another year and I'm knackered! It was a really great day; I sold a goodly amount of stuff and covered all my costs and made some profit, met some amazing people and just had an all-round good time! My awesome boyfriend John-Paul was along for moral support and bantering skills and I think there were very few people who didn't leave the stall either laughing or smiling. They could have been a bit scared too but I like to look at the positive side! :P
I met several other people met who exist in real life and aren't binary code floating in the ether too. The fantastic Sarah popped along with her friends Katie and Fi and was as brilliant as she is on her blog! Aaron Foster, an awesome animator and cartoonist had a stall and we swapped some goods; Lizz Lunney was there with her brother and the Dino-Saw-Us passport was a huge success. There were a billion other great people about but by about 3pm, my brain shrunk to the size of an orange and things began to blur a bit. A huge thank you to anyone who popped by - it was great!


  1. Yay! I still keep poring over all my lovely things from Saturday, and I showed my brother when he came round yesterday - he especially liked the little Pikachu badge I got from you :-) Hehe and my mum was well impressed with the canvas.

    I love your 'why I like to make comics' you just keep on creating and creating - I think your Milk Town characters would make a fab TV cartoon one day - my brothers and I would definitely watch! Hehe

    Sarah x

  2. Your art is adorable! I was wondering if you could tell me a little about how you got into illustration? I have been considering getting into that field for the past few years and I am looking into various colleges with good illustration programs in the US and UK.

  3. it's true!! the bantering was top-notch, definitely cheered me up after getting rained on while trying to find the darn place!! :D
    i bought a colouring book (with specially selected "do the robot" and "science is fun" stickers for me and my science-teacher geek boyfriend ^_^
    i'm inspired!! i think your stall has single-handedly started me sketchbooking again, and hopefully soon i'll have stuff for my new website ^______^ hey! maybe i'll even be able to exhibit at the thing next year :D

    keep up the good works!!

  4. Many thanks guys!

    Becky, I remember you! Hope you enjoyed the stickers! :P And I'm uber-flattered that my stall got you sketchbooking again; makes me think I'm doing something right! :D


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