Thursday, 4 March 2010

Milk Town Paintings!

I've just finished my first batch of Milk Town paintings that will be up for sale at the Web and Mini Comix Thing at the end of this month. Had a blast painting these and I'm hoping to get another 20 done before the con; any that aren't sold will go up for sale in my up-coming Milk Town Gift Shop. They'll be sold at a special price for the con so if you can drop by and say hi all the better!


  1. Like! Oh wait...this isn't facebook! Seriously your productivity astounds me...I look forward to seeing them in their full glory ;)


  2. pretty awesome! check out the latest update-- maybe ud like it

  3. Nice! Those are all some good designs. Each one has its own type of personality. The coloring on this is great too.

  4. Excellent work, Jess! Can't wait to see more of Milk Town.

    Radishes rule!!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I love doing these little paintings!


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