Monday, 22 March 2010

Milk Town Comics!

Milk Town library will soon be host to a whole medley of comics like this! You have to become a citizen before you can join the library though! :P

I haven't done any comics for blummin' ages and I think it shows with this! Hopefully I'll tweak the over-all look of the rest of the comics and make them a bit more friendly on the eye. It was fun to draw and colour though and it was nice to have The Mayor actually doing something rather than remain a static character. I think these would make a nice set of over sized postcards in a set when I have more.


  1. Hahaha I find this hilarious on so many levels ;)


  2. I think its friendlier on the eye than you say - I like it. But then I have a penchant for vegetables with faces.... :P


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