Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Freshly-Drawn Pictures!

As a bit of interactivity for The Web and Mini Comix Thing, I thought I'd do some little sketches throughout the day! When I say little, I mean teeny - they'll be 5cm x 5cm. I may change my mind about the price as I'm selling my small paintings for £7.50 each or £14 for two so paying £2.50 for a little sketch may be too much. But I guess being done on the day while I'm at my stall may justify that and people can request drawings too. Gah, I'm always told I undersell my work but I always get funny about charging too much! What do people think? I value your opinions!


  1. I think your price is very good for the mini sketches.

    I've said it before, I'll say it again, you sell your paintings too cheaply.

    I will never shut up about this ;)

  2. I think your price is fair too.

    But, as someone who makes a living from fibre art, you have to price to the market. You'll soon find out whether people think they are overpriced, they won't buy them, and you can re-evaluate and re-price.

    Creativity is always undervalued unfortunately.

    I think your work is fantastic and I have been watching you on dA. I also think you would do well selling in Australia (where I live).

    Good luck & cheers,
    toni :O)

  3. Loving your artwork. I believe in simplicity in art ant you definitely have that style in your art. I also think you can benefit from being a contributor on our website at www.theboldlion.com. A little more exposure wont hurt a bit + you could earn some extra $$ while you're at it ;)


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