Thursday, 25 March 2010

Awesome Colouring Book and Life Meter 3!

All of my colouring books are now printed, bagged and heaving with packs of crayons and stickers! I only took a couple of pictures as I'll take more on my stall at the Web and Mini Comix Thing but I'm quite pleased with them. Hopefully people will think they're fun enough to buy and if all goes well, I'll make more for the Bristol con. I had such a great time making these I've already got a few more zines planned: I'll be reprinting my zine Squid Bits, a small collection of comics I've done over the last couple of years; I've got a Milk Town activity book in the works and a fun little language book - more on that another time!

Each copy comes with a pack of six crayons!

Behold my crayon skills! (or lack there-of)

I also received a copy of a small press GN I contributed to last year called Life Meter 3; a fantastic video-game inspired collection of comics. The spiffing Dave Roman sent me a complimentary copy and it is such a gorgeous book!

Awesome Legend of Zelda cover.

Absolutely love the colouring in this strip by Jeff Zwirek.

Fantastic Bomberman spread by Bill Mudron.

Who did that rubbish Metal Gear Solid picture? If you're a video-game fan like me, this GN is great; I highly recommend getting a copy! My colouring book will be available to buy from me after the con; I'll keep you posted!


  1. I love Zelda! Best game ever in my opinion...and Metal Gear Solid reminds me of my brothers - they always used to play it then do impressions of the characters ;)

    The colouring books are awesome btw! Only 2 more sleeps until Saturday...

    Sarah x

  2. Another Zelda fan here! Although the oldies are great, I absolutely adored the stlisation of the characters and graphics in The Wind Waker.

    I've just 'found' your blog from a link on Sarah's and I have to compliment you on your design and illustration skills. Your work is absolutely brilliant, and you're basically living my dream (frustrated, struggling and decidedly less talented artist speaking).

    If you don't mind me asking, how did you come to the stage of your career you're at now (Uni/qualifications/breaks etc?) I could use some tips!

    Fantastic illustrations once again.


    ~Jess~ (another one lol)


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