Thursday, 9 July 2009

Work in Progress!

I've just started to work on one of two commissions I recently had thanks to the Daredevil piece I did for Covered. I'm painting two Jess-style comic covers; Batman and Robin (the new Frank Quietly series) and Mister Miracle. I've made a start on BAR and I have to say, I'm having a whale of a time! It's kind of addictive making your own versions of comic covers and I'm already thinking about a few more I want to do.
Here are the original covers

I'm making a start on the Mister Miracle pic this weekend but here's a couple of WIP pics of the Batman cover:

I think Robin has definitely been Jessified! I wasn't looking forward to drawing the Batmobile partly because I'm rubbish at drawing vehicles but so far *crosses fingers* it's not looking too bad. The fun part comes next when I get to do all the shading and detail! I'm going for coloured outlines rather than my usual black to give it a bit more depth. I'm away for the weekend so I wont be able to work on this until Monday which is tad annoying as I was really getting into it. Oh well, that's something to look forward to!


  1. Huzzah! Looking truly awesome.

    By the by, Jess, it's Frank "Quitely" a spoonerism of "quite frankly"

  2. Thanks Ian! Yeah, I was told that when I used to work for Travelling Man - what's his real name?

  3. That would be Vincent Deighan according to wikipedia (never met him, but I'm told he's a nice guy).

    Not sure what I want to see more, the finished Batman or the Mister Miracle pencils.


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