Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Batman and Robin Work in Progress

I'm almost done with my Batman and Robin commission which has been a lot of fun to do. There are just a few fiddly bits to get done and I'm ready to get on with Mister Miracle! Here are some pics with shading and outlining:

I'm feeling a lot better about the Batmobile too but I have to tone down those go-faster stripes and make them look more like shiny bits! I'm hoping the coloured outlining gives the painting a bit of depth. The dark grey border also helps to make the image pop a bit too.

And here's a picture of my desk at the moment; it's a bit of a mess! I tend to work on an island surrounded by tubes of paint, piles of work and toys. Most of the time I'm okay with this arrangement but I almost dipped my paint brush in my coffee and took a swig of my paint water earlier...! I'm looking forward to being able to get at least two desks in the future to work on; my crap seems to multiply in the night until I'm pushing aside kibble to find a clear space!


  1. I have the same mug.

    Looking great Jess.

  2. That's 3 people so far who have this mug! XD It is full of awesome though! I should say thanks Ian - I've rediscovered my love for painting through doing this!

  3. Ugh, I so regularly do the double-dipping paintbrush in drink thing. Gross. I'm glad I'm not alone!!

  4. Once, I just put my paintbrust straight into my mouth while I was contemplating something and ended up with a mouth full of green! To this day, I still don't know why I did it! XD


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