Friday, 11 December 2009

Website Pondering

The last day or so, I've been prepping myself to contact publishers (seven emailed at time of blogging) and so had to update my website. At the moment, my website just serves as an online portfolio for people to look at (the whole point of it, I guess!) but I'd like it to be a hell of a lot better. There are 2 things that stop me doing this though: 1. I'm not a great designer when it comes to these things and 2. I always feel that I can't invest the time it would take to redesign it. My site is hosted through Moonfruit which for someone like me is great because it's easy to edit and update and is pretty flexible when it comes to layouts and what-not. The downside is it's a lot more expensive than most people probably pay for their sites.
Who do people use for their sites? How do you go about deciding on the design? Any help would be much appreciated as I'd like my first port-of-call for potential clients to really stand out!


  1. For alternicity we use 1and1 and drupal.

    The general design idea is taken from colorlovers ie no strong colours, just grayscale in order to allow the color of the content to dominate a page.

    In technical terms it is a (barely) hacked drupal theme. I don't want to be a drupal theme creator!

    Your artwork shows up in my rss reader and looks great. Your site looks great.

    Maybe you could just add a twitter feed on the front page to make it buzzy?
    Another thing that would look cool is if the columns of art scrolled downwards every now and then and new images appeared at the top, but then you are probably looking at flash or ajax to do it.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'm a bit of web design nonce so for me, the simpler the better. I would like to learn Flash at some point but it's just getting the time to put into it!


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