Monday, 29 March 2010

Coming up in Milk Town!

I've got more plans for my Milk Town website than I can shake some kind of stick-shaped object at! Mostly, it will be aimed at the Citizens Only buildings which will include the Library and the Hotel. Fear not, as there will be plenty to keep non-citizens amused! It doesn't cost anything to become a citizen and means you get access to the whole town; I just thought it would be neat for people who sign up to the website to get a bit more out of it; you also get the chance to win freebies and stuff if you become a citizen.
The Library and Hotel are both under construction at the moment. The Library will contain comics, downloadable activities and all sorts of other goodies while the Hotel will just be something fun! There are also plans for a Milk Town Cemetery too...!

Over for another year!

Well, the Web and Mini Comix Thing is over for yet another year and I'm knackered! It was a really great day; I sold a goodly amount of stuff and covered all my costs and made some profit, met some amazing people and just had an all-round good time! My awesome boyfriend John-Paul was along for moral support and bantering skills and I think there were very few people who didn't leave the stall either laughing or smiling. They could have been a bit scared too but I like to look at the positive side! :P
I met several other people met who exist in real life and aren't binary code floating in the ether too. The fantastic Sarah popped along with her friends Katie and Fi and was as brilliant as she is on her blog! Aaron Foster, an awesome animator and cartoonist had a stall and we swapped some goods; Lizz Lunney was there with her brother and the Dino-Saw-Us passport was a huge success. There were a billion other great people about but by about 3pm, my brain shrunk to the size of an orange and things began to blur a bit. A huge thank you to anyone who popped by - it was great!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Robots, lemons and doodles!

Awesome Colouring Book and Life Meter 3!

All of my colouring books are now printed, bagged and heaving with packs of crayons and stickers! I only took a couple of pictures as I'll take more on my stall at the Web and Mini Comix Thing but I'm quite pleased with them. Hopefully people will think they're fun enough to buy and if all goes well, I'll make more for the Bristol con. I had such a great time making these I've already got a few more zines planned: I'll be reprinting my zine Squid Bits, a small collection of comics I've done over the last couple of years; I've got a Milk Town activity book in the works and a fun little language book - more on that another time!

Each copy comes with a pack of six crayons!

Behold my crayon skills! (or lack there-of)

I also received a copy of a small press GN I contributed to last year called Life Meter 3; a fantastic video-game inspired collection of comics. The spiffing Dave Roman sent me a complimentary copy and it is such a gorgeous book!

Awesome Legend of Zelda cover.

Absolutely love the colouring in this strip by Jeff Zwirek.

Fantastic Bomberman spread by Bill Mudron.

Who did that rubbish Metal Gear Solid picture? If you're a video-game fan like me, this GN is great; I highly recommend getting a copy! My colouring book will be available to buy from me after the con; I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

Milk Town Comics!

Milk Town library will soon be host to a whole medley of comics like this! You have to become a citizen before you can join the library though! :P

I haven't done any comics for blummin' ages and I think it shows with this! Hopefully I'll tweak the over-all look of the rest of the comics and make them a bit more friendly on the eye. It was fun to draw and colour though and it was nice to have The Mayor actually doing something rather than remain a static character. I think these would make a nice set of over sized postcards in a set when I have more.

Again with the cards!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Milk Town Gallery!

Here are some more of my original Milk Town paintings. There are also some of the Milk Town Choir which will be available too. I'm going to try and get into the habit of painting at least three of these little pics a week; they're quick and fun and make nice things to sell or give as presents!

Super Sticker Winners! :D

The winners have been chosen via the nifty generator that is and they are......
Superhero Stickers - Matt Kaufenberg!
Milk Town Citizen Pack - The Argyle Academy!
Awesome Sticker Set - Jess!
Well done all! I will be running more of these (chance to win a colouring book in the next couple of weeks) so don't lose heart if you didn't win. A lot of these goodies will soon be available to buy on-line too!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Milk Town Expansion!

Milk Town will be officially "launched" on the 27th of March at the Web and Mini Comix Thing in London. Citizen Packs will be available to buy as well as original paintings so if you're in London or there-a-bouts, come on by! Fear not though, as Milk Town's official Gift Shop is being built by diligent radishes at the moment and will soon have stickers, Citizen Packs and all sorts of other goodies to buy! Another exciting new building under construction is the Milk Town Library which will be a CITIZENS ONLY building. The Library will be host to a gabble of Milk Town Comics, downloadable activity sheets and other cool little bits just for members of the site. To become a citizen, all you have to do is sign-up at Head over to the Suburbs and fill out a form!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Even More Card Designs!

I had some great news today; the licensing company I'm with love all the card designs I've been doing and are going to launch them at a trade show in London this May! Very pleased and working to get as many done for the series by then as I can! :D

Freshly-Drawn Pictures!

As a bit of interactivity for The Web and Mini Comix Thing, I thought I'd do some little sketches throughout the day! When I say little, I mean teeny - they'll be 5cm x 5cm. I may change my mind about the price as I'm selling my small paintings for £7.50 each or £14 for two so paying £2.50 for a little sketch may be too much. But I guess being done on the day while I'm at my stall may justify that and people can request drawings too. Gah, I'm always told I undersell my work but I always get funny about charging too much! What do people think? I value your opinions!

Monday, 15 March 2010

For every occasion!

If you couldn't already tell, I'm having a great time making these greeting card designs! I've actually been meaning to do this for years but always got put off by the glut of designs that every shop and its mother sells. I think I've finally gotten over that feeling by making ridiculous designs I know I'd love to receive. I'm also having fun coming up with slightly silly sentiments/occasions for a bit of humour! It wasn't intentional to start with but I'm pleased with the way all the designs I've done so far at least look like they're part of some kind of series. They're not the greatest designs ever but hopefully people will think they're funny enough to give to someone! :P

Japanese Cinema!

Back when I worked in a comic shop (2004-2007) I was really into Asian Cinema, Japanese cinema in particular. I still am but due to not having a full-time wage anymore, can't buy as many DVD's as I was once able and have fallen behind on what's what. I've got quite a hefty collection of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai films, not all of them good, but there are some absolute corkers if you take a chance on them! In recent years, a lot more Asian cinema has been released over here, whereas when I started to get into, a goodly amount were only available on Region 3. It's odd to see a lot of the films I bought over 6 years ago finally get released but also nice as now more people get to enjoy them! Here are a few I would highly recommend if anyone wants to watch something a bit different!

The Taste of Tea: A fantastic slice-of-life look at a slightly odd family. Mum is trying to get back into the animation industry after raising her family and is making a cartoon at the kitchen table. Grandad is a bit weird and up to secret things in his room. Dad is a hypnotherapist who also helps the family relax by hypnotising them at home. Son Hajime is infatuated with the new girl at school and is an expert at the game Go and daughter Sachiko needs to find a way of making the giant version of herself that follows her around disappear.

Fine, Totally Fine: Teruo wants to open the world's scariest haunted house and spends most of time setting up elaborate pranks to frighten people. However, when he encounters a real ghost (actually a homeless man who pretends to be a ghost) he loses his faith in his ability to frighten people and resigns himself to working in his father's bookshop. Meanwhile, his childhood friend Hisanobu is slightly infatuated with the cute but useless Akari. The three become friends and a love triangle starts to shake up Teruo and Hisanobu's friendship.
This film is awesome; it's funny, surreal and just down-right feel good!
Ping Pong chronicles the friendship between two Ping Pong enthusiasts: cocky Peco and the reserved Smile (so called because he never does). We follow their adventures competing in various Ping Pong games and tournaments and the other players they encounter. This is one of my favourite films of any sort ever; brilliant soundtrack, great actors and it's based on the Manga by the magnificent Taiyo Matsumoto.

Asako In Ruby Shoes: This Korean/Japanese co-production was bought on a whim because I had a free DVD in an offer and this was the only film in the price-range I could use. It has since become one of my favourite films! U-in is a lonely white-collar worker from Seoul who spends his time looking at dirty websites on the internet. Aya is a depressed teenager from Tokyo who dreams about committing suicide in Alaska by holding her breath. She answers an ad for a website in which she dresses up and becomes "Asako in Ruby Shoes" for paying punters, one of whom is U-in. As dodgy and depressing as this all sounds, it isn't in the slightest! It's a very funny, heart-warming film that focuses on two very different people from different countries who have met before in life without realising it and through a series of odd events, meet again.

There are about a million more films I could write about but the above are some of my personal favourites. I haven't even touched upon Asian Horror films or the wacky world of Takashi Miike yet! If you're looking for something different and a bit quirky, I would recommend any of the above.

Bedknobs and Boomsticks

Just a quick morning post to say thanks to all who have entered the giveaway; I know people like free stuff but it's nice to know they like MY free stuff! :D Also, many thanks to anyone who has left a comment on my blog posts about my work in the last few weeks; being a rather paranoid-about-insulting-anyone individual, I try to reply to nice comments but I get the feeling Blogspot doesn't send replies to people who have commented, but relies on people to check the original blog post to see if there is a reply. Has anyone found this?
Anyway, lots of nice stuff on the way! :P

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Milk Town Promo Stuff!

I've started to make some Milk Town flyers to give out at the Web and Mini Cimix Thing to encourage to join the website. They're only small but hopefilly they're eye-catching!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Colouring Book Preview!

Here are two preview pages from the colouring book I'm making for the Web and Mini Comix Thing. Each copy will also come with a pack of 4 crayons too!

More Card Designs

Super Sticker Giveaway!

Gasp! It's time for another giveaway! I've got three sets of stickers for three lucky people; all you have to do is leave a comment on this post along with which sticker set you'd like to win (only one per entrant, I'm afraid!), your name and/or email address and the winners will be announced on the 20th of March. Enough babbling, here are the prizes:

1. SUPERHERO STICKER SET - a set of 12 uber-cute Marvel and DC stickers!

2. MILK TOWN CITIZEN PACK - set of 5 postcards, a selection of stickers and three Citizen Profile Cards!

3. AWESOME STICKER SET - set of three postcards, selection of stickers and a booster pack of stickers!

Good luck!

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