I'm a memeber of the Creative Learning Agency, a service that provides educators with a chance to find visual artists in Bristol, Gloucestershire, South Gloucestershire, Bath, Somerset and Wiltshire to hold workshops and talks. As a member of the agency, I hold an Enhanced Disclosure.

What I can offer Primary Schools:

  • Character Design Workshop: Working with children to create colourful and engaging characters. Includes looking at facial expressions and body language with worksheets and games to help engage in drawing and creativity.
  • Comic Strip Workshop: Working with children to create short comic strips. Includes looking at character design, narrative and storytelling with worksheets, games and a chance to produce easy-to-make mini-comics that the children can photocopy and swap with each other. This workshop is best run after the Character Design workshop for children to use their own designs to build on narrative and story.
  • Making Children's Books: Talking to children about my work as an illustrator and the various things I do like making children's books, drawing comics and small press books, painting, designing t-shirts etc.
What I can offer Secondary Schools:

  • Working as an Illustrator: Talking to students about a career in illustration. I can offer frank and interesting advice on what courses to look into, the various aspects involved in being an illustrator, what to expect by becoming an illustrator, how to promote yourself etc. I will bring along examples of my own work to show and the chance to talk one-to-one to students considering an art-based career.
Please contact me for any further queries and prices.
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