Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Inspiration and break!

I'm off home tomorrow for my Christmas break and I have to say I'm muchly looking forward to it! I'll be doing some drawing but it'll mainly be doodlings and research on children's books. I'll also be making a hella lot of promo items to spam publishers with when I get back. I've already emailed a lot of samples off to various children's book publishers and had a great response from Egmont Books so fingers crossed for the New Year!
Hope everyone has a great Christmas! :D

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Milk Town Deli!

Milk Town has a lot of specialist produce that the townsfolk like to eat, and where better to pick up a tasty snack than the local deli!
Why not try a Sea Cucumber, Fire Drop or rasher of Rainbow Bacon? Radishes and gherkins are chock full of vitamins and goodness and Rainbow Coral is expensive but damn tasty! :P

Monday, 14 December 2009

Milk Town Dentist!

He may look like a bit of a maniac, but Milk Town's resident dentist makes sure each pulled tooth becomes a new citizen! I'm having a great time creating characters for my new character series called Milk Town. I'd like to expand this into a comic series as I just seem to do a lot of character work without actually having them in any kind of situation. I'm aiming to make this my next challenge! Milk Town will soon have it's own website too which I'm starting to design at the moment. When the New Year brings a more stable money situation, I'll be getting some Milk Town stuff printed too!

Milk Town Choir!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Website Pondering

The last day or so, I've been prepping myself to contact publishers (seven emailed at time of blogging) and so had to update my website. At the moment, my website just serves as an online portfolio for people to look at (the whole point of it, I guess!) but I'd like it to be a hell of a lot better. There are 2 things that stop me doing this though: 1. I'm not a great designer when it comes to these things and 2. I always feel that I can't invest the time it would take to redesign it. My site is hosted through Moonfruit which for someone like me is great because it's easy to edit and update and is pretty flexible when it comes to layouts and what-not. The downside is it's a lot more expensive than most people probably pay for their sites.
Who do people use for their sites? How do you go about deciding on the design? Any help would be much appreciated as I'd like my first port-of-call for potential clients to really stand out!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

More from Milktown!

The Mayor of Milktown!

Fantastic idea executed to perfection!

This animation from Sugimoto Kousuke is absolutely stunning and makes me slightly envious that I can't have and pull off these kinds of ideas! It reminds me a lot of the ideas and projects of Michel Gondry who similarly manages to bring to life the most implausible-on-paper ideas to a jaw-dropping extent. Enjoy!

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