Monday, 14 December 2009

Milk Town Dentist!

He may look like a bit of a maniac, but Milk Town's resident dentist makes sure each pulled tooth becomes a new citizen! I'm having a great time creating characters for my new character series called Milk Town. I'd like to expand this into a comic series as I just seem to do a lot of character work without actually having them in any kind of situation. I'm aiming to make this my next challenge! Milk Town will soon have it's own website too which I'm starting to design at the moment. When the New Year brings a more stable money situation, I'll be getting some Milk Town stuff printed too!


  1. hello! :D I found your art on weheartit and I can't help but say I heart it ;) and I love your artwork :) what program do you use? I always want to know more about visual art, haha... yours are no exception, they are uber cute :d

  2. Wow, thanks! Firstly for liking my work and secondly for making me aware of WeHeartIt; what an awesome site!

    I love finding out people's techniques too; although I've twisted a lot of what people have shown me to suit my own working process :P

    I mainly use pen and ink with colouring done digitally in Photoshop. I've only been colouring with it for just over a year so it's been a bit trial and error from what I learnt from my boyfriend who is a comic book colourist. I'm still figuring new things out as I go so I don't think I'll ever be great at it!

    I also use a lot of acrylic paint, which again, was very much a trial and error affair! :D


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