I really like your work; can I use one of your pictures as an avatar/profile picture?

I used to say yes to this but because so many people have taken advantage and NOT bothered to ask, so I'm currently saying no. It's nothing personal, just that too many inconsiderate people have ruined it for genuine people taking the time to ask. I am open for commission and will gladly create something for you AT MY ARTIST RATES. This is my primary job and creating anything for free means I lose out. I have a mortgage, bills, materials costs and other every day things I need to pay for just like everyone else, except I draw to make my money. Please see my Use Of My Artwork Page for more details.

Can I have some stuff for free?

Sorry, but I make a living from my work and giving too many things away means that it's a bit hard to pay the mortgage. My stickers especially are quite expensive and time-consuming to produce and I can't afford to give them away. However, if you buy something from my online shop, you will more than likely get a freebie with your purchase.I do run giveaways on my blog from time to time too, so there's a chance you could win some stuff for free there!

I'm an illustrator/comic artist/character designer too and I'd love to do a collaboration; do you work with other artists?

Time permitting and other deadlines non-withstanding, I love working with other artists on collaborative projects. Just drop me an email at jess@jessbradley.com and we can discuss some ideas.

You have a very unique style to your work and the subject matter you come up with is so weird (in a good way!). Where do you come up with some of the ideas you have?

I think I just like odd things! I read a lot of comics and graphics novels, I love Japanese character design, I play a lot of video games and watch a lot of films too. I think all of these elements subconsciously filter through my brain into my sketchbook. I particularly like to draw ghosts, robots, squid/octopuses and radishes!

I really want to exhibit at a comics convention but I'm worried no-one will like my work. Do you have any advice?

Just go for it! You wont know until you get a table how people will react. A lot of cons around the UK have reasonably priced tables so you'll only have to factor in travel and accommodation costs (if it's a weekend con). One thing I would say is to have an attractive looking table; make it interesting to look at with a range of things for people to pick up. Having one stack of comics in the middle of a table looks a bit rubbish. Make leaflets, get postcards and stickers printed. Get a banner or make a table stand. It's worth it and people will remember you next time. Be accessible too; sitting at your table looking grumpy will most likely drive people away. Catch people's eyes as they walk by and chat a bit - it usually draws them to you!

Where do you get your postcards/greetings cards/business cards/stickers made?

After years of trial and error, I've found materials/printers that work for me and produce a lot of my goods myself. I would recommend Moo to anyone looking for a reliable printer with good quality products. They may seem a bit expensive but one thing that makes them stand out is that you can get multiple designs printed, rather than just 50 of one image.
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