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I get a lot of emails every week from people asking if they can use my images for various things. I appreciate people taking the time to ASK me for use of my images, whether I give permission or not. All of my images have been created by me and therefore are automatically copyrighted. If you use my images without asking, you are in breach of my copyright and I have the right to take action. I have had a lot of issues with people using my work without permission and I act on it as soon as I find out. I take this very seriously; for example, an individual claiming to be a graphic designer had stolen and vectored a series of mine and other artists images. She had sold a number of these as various items on Etsy. I received about $500 from this person after tallying up the money she had made from my images and taking action against her. So please:

  • Contact me if you are considering using any of my work.
  • Please DO NOT use my images and THEN tell me/ask if it's okay - it isn't!
  • Please do not use my images for apps; just because they're on the internet DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE FREE FOR ALL.
  • Changing one of my images slightly doesn't make a difference, you've still stolen it.
  • I rarely give away my work/accept commissions for free; you wouldn't walk into a supermarket and then wonder if you should pay for your shopping - please don't make the same assumption about someone's artwork.
  • Telling me that your cat just died and you don't think you should have to pay for my work because of it won't make me change my mind. (This was an actual reply by someone when I sent them my rates.)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't assume that just because I enjoy drawing that I like giving them away for free. I make a living from my work and the internet is a great platform for artists to showcase their art. My images are not free for all to use and I find it very offensive if they are used without permission.

Thank you!

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