Thursday, 1 April 2010


Okay, not quite spring break but I do have 5 whole days off of which I'm hoping to get a metric poop-load of work done! Since the con, I've slowed down a tad; I've been doing work but nothing particularly postable. From today until Tuesday though I have a rather large workload planned and can't wait to get stuck in. Today was kind of put aside for general errands but I'm fully stocked and ready to not leave the house! After a rather lovely tea-and-cake chat with Katie, I headed out to a couple of art shops to get some essentials:

Canvas! Paint! Brushes! New sketchbook! Pencils! A3 rough pad! What a veritable cache of booty! Perhaps the most exciting thing bought though (and by exciting, I mean sad because I got excited when I saw them) are the two pots of indian ink. I've been scrounging every last drop I could find out of existing bottles and finally have some fresh ones! Woo!

My drawing table is a bit of a state at the moment; the pile on the left is kind of my "inbox" where current drawings are flung aside ready to be scanned and coloured.

My painting table currently houses three WIP paintings and over the next few days there should hopefully be more! I've got a huge list of superheroes, film characters and video game characters ready to be put on canvas!

General clutter.

Some of the DVDs I'll be watching while I draw in the evening; I'm avoiding any TV at all, mainly because it's crap but mostly because I have the flat to myself and can just zone out and watch some cheese! You'll notice some guilty pleasures there including the two Young Gun films and D.A.R.Y.L - an awesome '80's film that still makes me weep whenever I watch it! Think Flight of the Navigator but with a robot kid and that's pretty much the film. I've also got a hankering for some Wes Anderson movies so I've put out the fantastic The Life Aquatic and The Darjeeling Limited, which I've only seen the once. This may not seem odd but if you know me it is as I watch films a stupid number of times and by all accounts, should have seen it at least 4 times by now!

One of many shelves of DVDs in my flat; these are mixture of mine and my housemates but for the most part, I'd say about 90% are mine! The toys are mine too!

My prized Maakies toys...

The 4 dudes on the left I got in Japan; I dread to think how much I spent on toys and gachapons when I was over there...
Anyway! That's my next few days sorted! I also have a pile of greetings cards designs to scan and colour too as well as many more designs kicking about in my sketchbook to draw up. I may even be REALLY exciting and post some of my current musical inclinations too! :P


  1. First your flat contains some coool stuff!

    And new art supplies I find very exciting, and your new paintings even more so!

    Enjoy your 'spring break'...hehe

    Sarah x

  2. Whee! We use the same brand of canvases (canvii?) Mine feature the far less cool subject matter of people's pets and general wildlife, but it's nice to know I'm using the same materials as a real artist :)

    That's quite a DVD collection...Flight of the Navigator is one of my Dad's favourite films so I must have watched it about fifty times over the course of my childhood.

    I get ridiculously excited over new art materials too...there's something about their untapped potential that gives me goosebumps.

    Hope the break is going well!




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