Friday, 9 April 2010

Don't you worry about blank, let ME worry about blank!

Oy vey! The next couple of weeks are going to be a bit hectic to say the least. As well as lots of illustration work to do, I'll be going on several jaunts so I'm trying to manage my time which is something I'm particularly crap at. Huzzah! Next weekend I'll be off home to Swindon for a few days as it's my 30th birthday on the 19th of April. I'm ignoring the fact on all counts and will be watching cartoons, eating sweets and generally be trying to cling frantically to my youth before accepting the inevitable. The following weekend I'm off to London with my other half to see a live performance of the Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack by the London Philharmonic Orchestra while the film plays - eep! I've been a huge fan of such film composers as Thomas Newman, Howard Shore, Alan Silvestri, Elliot Goldenthall and Jerry Goldsmith for as long as I can remember and I'm really really excited to see a live performance.

Then, after that weekend, we're off to Florence, Italy for a week. This is a Christmas/birthday present from my wonderful boyf and I'm so excited, I've actually stopped being excited! The last couple of holidays I've been on (Japan and Prague), I've kept a sketchbook diary. I'll be posting some pages from these over the next few days, but they're really basic! As much as I'd love to fill the pages with gorgeous landscapes and wonderful life drawing (none of which I'm actually any good at), for the most part, my travel journals are full of bubble-headed people and rude items found in rude shops. I really enjoy making them though, as it's something I do at the start and end of each day of the trip and becomes a fun routine. Looking forward to buying a new sketchbook especially!

So lots going on; I'm also working towards the Bristol Small Press Expo in May too, so a lot of my time is going into original paintings to sell. I'm getting more ideas than I can get down at the moment but as always, am really enjoying it!


  1. My my you are so busy :-) Wow I didn't know your birthday was coming up...could you possibly email me your address so I can send you a card?

    Have fun in London, there's nothing quite like a live orchestral concert, and given that my brother (who is studying music) is obsessed with film sountracks I have developed an appreciation too ;)

    And Italy...I'm sooo jealous, and I'm looking forward to seeing some samples of your sketchbook diary!

    Sarah x

  2. That concert sounds absolutely amazing. I adore the soundtrack to the Lord of the Rings films...the best part about them for me as I wasn't too enamoured about what they did to the books, but I'm a bit of a purist/nerd about it so it's just my biased opinion.

    I think it's brilliant that you create holiday sketchbooks ~ what a wonderful way to capture memories and emotions. Your bubble-headed people are what make you 'you' wouldn't be the unique and engaging artist you are if you drew pretty landscapes etc. I love your quirkiness and individuality.

    Happy birthday in advance!




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