Friday, 23 October 2009

Time keeps on slipping...

Does anyone else ever get the feeling that no matter how hard they work or how much they do, it never feels like it's enough? I'm finding this at the moment, which is bad considering I work part-time at my day job and in theory should have more free time to do stuff in! I think it's just me being hard on myself but I can't shake the feeling that I should be some kind of unstoppable churning machine. I know this is unrealistic but there's so much I want to do as well as commissions, shoe and t-shirt designs and what-not, I feel I should be working longer hours. I'm a bit of a hermit as it is so this probably wouldn't be a good thing! Maybe I need to lower my harsh expectations of myself. How do other artists balance this out? Answers on a postcard!


  1. I think the lack of responses so far is because nobody knows!! haha! I know how you feel. On my days off my boyfriend leaves at 7.30am and I am sitting at my desk in my pyjamas and dressing gown doing work, and then when he comes back at about 7.30pm I am in exactly the same position, and yet I never actually feel like I get anything done! How does that happen?!! It's frustrating, and there are always more ideas than there is time! As far as I can see, you are really productive, so I wonder if it's a case of self-criticism? If you work a part-time job and you still get all those commissions and designs done, as well as blog entries, I think you are doing pretty darn well, and it kinda puts me to shame!!

  2. Hello Jess,
    I don't feel like I do enough mostly because I don't haha. No, but I think generally it's the artist's curse to always feel you could do more, but that's a good thing in some ways. If you were complacent and thought you were the bee's knees you'd probably sit around picking your nose all day basking in your own glory. And then you wouldn't be an artist anymore.

    Sometimes I feel like I have done so little and want to do so much that I freeze. Then when I start again I always feel better.x p.s My old old friend said he saw you at a comic fair and you drew him a hellboy.
    p.p.s I am procrastinating from doing work.


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