Monday, 5 October 2009

Bics 2009!

Well, Bics is over for another year and it was awesome. I sold lots of stuff, made lots of money and met lots of awesome people. My superhero paintings went down an absolute storm and I think I'm going to have commissions coming out of my ears, which isn't a bad thing! A chap from a comic shop in Halifax wants a bunch to sell for xmas which is great and may generate even more commissions. As usual, I was crap and pretty much forgot to take any pictures, but here's how my stall looked at the start of the weekend. By Sunday afternoon, it was looking a bit bare! I sold all but 3 of my 24 paintings! I only just realised how blurry the pics are too so apologies!


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you were across from me, glad to hear you did good business! Wish we could have had more chance to chat! xx

  2. Yeah, me too! Saturday was soooo busy though! Have to say, Morris is absolutely fantastic; every page had something that me and my boyfriend could squee over because it was so cute! Wish I'd created a monster now! :P

  3. Jess your stall looks like it was awesome! So glad it was a success! Wishing you a quiet few weeks to settle into your new abode...

    Katie :)

  4. Thanks Katie! It was a great weekend; I've never made so much money at a con. I think I did £75 on keyrings alone!! Finally getting the flat sorted; we've got a couple of big bookshelves coming next week so as soon as the living room is in a resonable state, I'll have you over for tea! ;D


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