Thursday, 8 October 2009

My Studio!

Well, after two weeks of stress, I've finally been able to settle into my new flat! I currently share a three-bed with my best friend which means our spare room has been used as a studio. This was one of the reasons we decided to take the flat as we're both arty types and really need space to work. So now I can finally work somewhere without socks and other bedroom-type bits getting in the way! Here's a little look around my cluttered but comfy workspace.

This is my portion of the studio; I have my computer/drawing table and a table for painting.

I've been working here for the most part on Christmas and shoe designs. My graphics tablet is kicking about somewhere too.

A few bits for the wall. There's an original Sean Phillips sketch of Zombie Captain America and a Duncan Fegredo Hellboy sketch. I had to put up my second place award for best 2D design from the Bristol Design Festival as I never really win anything and I'm proud of it! There's also a picture of Odo from DS9 that was a Valentine's Day gift from my boyfriend!

Canvas' and soft toys together at last! There's a plushie Cthulhu, a Moogle from Final Fantasy X, the mascot for Japanese soft drink Qoo and a very odd Japanese radish from a grab machine in Tokyo.

A few of my many books. Until the wall shelves go up, the rest are in my bedroom. For the most part these are arty books and magazines. Oh, and a Goomba from Super Mario Bros!

The all-important stereo and music! Also more toys including two Lums and a Godzilla from Japan, Toad, Mothman, Marvin the Martian and two uber-rare Hideshi Hino figures!

And back to the computer desk with a Spidey mug full of coffee and a pile of work ready for inking! You'll also notice the Animal Crossing mouse-mat and a little K.K Slider; another piece of win from Japan!


  1. I am very jealous, Jess.

    We're trying to buy a house at the moment and the spare bedroom I had earmarked for a study/studio looks like it'll have to have a spare bed in it. Fucking visitors - why can't they get a hotel room?

  2. hahaha @ Andy! I know how you feel, but then I have left the spare room to visitors and have taken over the entire back portion of the communal living area! The spare room was too small for me anyway ;) Your office looks ace Jess! It's really interesting to see where people work... love all your little collectables too, can't believe I never got any plush toys when I was in Japan! Right, I'd better book a flight and see which of my friends over there is best at using those grab machines... :D

  3. Thanks guys! As far as I'm concerned, guests can make do with the sofa; they're getting free accomodation and food - what more do they want?! :P

    Mochipan, believe me, the amount of money I spent in Japan was crazy!! I reckon we splurged over £200 on grab machines alone! XD

  4. Right, I'm putting my foot down! Studio it is!

    Those hypothetical guests can sleep in the bathroom!

  5. Cheers, Andy, I'm really looking forward to staying at yours before Thought Bubble!

    Jess, your studio looks much fun. These pics may inspire me to remove the clutter from my own work space.

  6. Oooh this is such an INSPIRATION! Kudoss ;))


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