Monday, 19 October 2009

Make Your Own Postcard!

FINALLY I can post this as I've been waiting bloody ages for the postcards to come! This is the fun new gimmick I've been farting about with for the last week or so: Make Your Own Postcards! I wanted to do something quirky, quick and colourful that could also be expanded on and this seemed like the perfect thing. I'm selling these in sets; you get 4 oversized postcards and a set of random vinyl stickers to play with and create your own image. There are even speech bubbles to suit the occasion! I'm also looking into making some mini sticker books too to sell with stickers and some Make Your Own Xmas Cards. These can be bought over at my Etsy shop!


  1. This is such a lovely, original idea!! Well done! And they look awesome!! Love love love!

  2. Thank you m'dear! The photo's are a bit crap; they look a lot better in person! :P

    Up for tea and nosing 'round my new place this week at all?

  3. These are great!! Seriously loving these... :)) Inspiring~~~!

  4. Thanks! They're really fun to make too! :D

  5. haha wicked! They look like lots of fun! Great idea :D

  6. Hey Jess, been checking out your blog the last few days and must say it's awesome - loving your stuff!! I didn't want to 'gate-crash' your giveaway comp with a question so thought i'd pop a comment on here!
    As a fellow illustrator in somerset was just wondering where you might get all your work printed as the quality looks great (wether local, online or home printing)? Been trying to find somewhere decent for a while, so any hints would be great!

    Thanks, and look forward to seeing some more great blogging!



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