Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Little Bitty Dredd!

I went to see Dredd 3D a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty good; I wasn't particularly bothered about watching it and went in with zero expectations and really enjoyed it. The 3D was actually worth seeing and I loved the atmosphere and minimalism. Even though I worked in a comic shop for over 3 years, I never really picked up any 2000AD. I had one issue of it that my mum bought me for holiday reading back in 1994 (was never quite sure what made her pick it up as me and my brother had never bought 2000AD). I still have that comic somewhere and the one story I really remember from it is Slaughterbowl which I can't find anywhere but would love to read again. I'm quite tempted to pick up a couple of the Judge Dredd case files at some point and give Dredd a proper go.
My very talented other half, John-Paul Bove is currently colouring/grey-toning a story for the Judge Dredd Megazine at the moment and also coloured a cover for the upcoming IDW series, drawn by Jim Starlin no less! Anyway, seeing the film gave me a push to actually draw a Dredd (apologies to the many people who have asked me to for years!) and quite enjoyed doodling him and his satisfying colour scheme!

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  1. you had the possibility to get The Galaxy's Greatest Comic handy for all these years - something that I could just dream about when I lived in my home country - and you never really read it? 20 years in the iso-cubes! :P


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