Thursday, 25 August 2011

My Desk: A Productive Day

It's been a while since I did a My Desk update so I thought I'd do one now, on a day where I'm full of caffeine and glucose and being productive! So what have I been doing today?

  1. Making Roughs: Three (well, two and a half) of the roughs for the kid's books I'm doing. I'll probably be starting on the final artwork this weekend for the first book. Whoop!

  2. Zombie Stuffs: Extra pages for the soon-to-be-published-again Brains Etc. with all new pages! Having fun coming up with extra goodies for the book and getting ready to scan and reformat everything. Hopefully it'll be worth it!

  3. Visual Stimuli: Rather than listen to music today, I was in the mood for some horror films while I worked. Having already watched The Blair Witch Project while drawing cute animals, I'm ready to watch Ginger Snaps (a guilty pleasure film) and attempt to watch a recent purchase, Yo-Yo Girl Cop.

  4. Energy Drink: I look forward to the coffee-followed-by-a-Lucozade-chaser comedown later in the day.

  5. Making Key Rings: Work to be done for 2011 B.C on Saturday! An excessive amount of number 4 means shaking hands and scissor fun.


  1. I'm really happy to have made a new illustration friend. Keep up the good work Jess.

  2. Oh god Ginger Snaps.
    You're the first person I've seen/heard talking about that film in a looooong time.
    Takes me back. XD


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