Sunday, 17 January 2010

Superhero Medley!

I drew these a while ago for a series of shoe designs which will hopefully be coming out through Kings of Neon soon. Will also be selling them as a pack of stickers - keep an eye out!


  1. saw these on dA :)

    I'd love to have some shoes with these on!

  2. My favorites are the Clark Kent/Superman and The Hulk. Awesome!

    This may be a nerdy thing to say but, DC and Marvel mixed together? Sacrilege.

  3. Love them, the Hulk is hilarious!

  4. Thanks guys!

    Matt, I used to work in a comic shop so I know I'll be strung up for doing that but for the sake of saving space, there they are!

    Why can't they just all get along? :P

  5. Thanks jess, is always good to know what other illustrators are using too!

    Keep up the great work :-D


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