Tuesday, 31 May 2011

MCM Expo May 2011!

This past weekend saw me selling my wares (ooh la la!) at the MCM Expo in London and it was amazing! The show was packed; we barely got a break all weekend and the table was almost always swamped. I had a great time and met some lovely people. My table got a fantastic reaction from people and all in all, it was one of the best cons I've ever done! I also got interviewed and babbled for several minutes for a couple of podcasts too, links when they're up!

My table, laden with goods!

The awesome Aaron AKA Gagaman and his lovely GF, Stacey. Our across-the-way neighbours for the weekend!

Spiffing Tea was by far my best-selling print of the weekend.

Zombie Moogs!

Zombie Marisa!

Zombie Deakin!

The fantastic Jenni Bryan of Creaturekebab!

The absolutely lovely Jamie Smart took time out from his Chaffy signing to say hi and draw a zombie!

My Draw Yourself As A Zombie activity was even more popular this time! I will be posting all of the zombies at some point, so check back if you drew one!

The Wall of Zom! There were too many to fit on the board!

I met the awesome Billy West and made a tit of myself. As you can see.

The awesome Phil of Genki Gear!

I can't wait for the October MCM now too. A huge thanks to anyone who bought stuff, had a chat, drew a zombie or gave us a laugh - it was a brilliant weekend!


  1. Shame I couldn't make it to this one. :(

    I'll be there in October if all goes to plan though! :D

  2. Great inspiration for customised design!!


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