Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bristol Expo Aftermath!

The Bristol Expo was a blast last weekend; I had a great time, made some money, met some new peeps and caught up with old ones! Weirdest news of the weekend was the news that my Rah tee by Genki Gear could end up in a film called Strippers vs Werewolves! XD I bought a lot of very good books and generally still feel rather knackered from the whole thing! I ran an activity over the weekend called Draw Yourself As A Zombie which was a bit hit. I had a lot of people taking part for fun, as well as a couple of big names! If you took part, see if you can spot yourself:

Lots of zombies!

James Stayte and Katie Green; my neighbours for the weekend!

James gets some Bowser lovin'...

The awesome Bertram Fiddle (left) and friends!

The rather lovely Attackosaur chaps. Check out their dino sketches from the con!

The awesome Abbey and Dave of Dumpy Little Robot!

Can't wait for next year now! :P


  1. I was laughing for ages as I scrolled through the Zombie pics and then saw Deadpool holding his picture up. Comedy Gold!

  2. I had one space left to fill and no more zombies so I thought a Deadpool photobomb would br good! Glad it made you laugh!


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