Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bristol Expo Goodies!

I've finished all of my goods for the Bristol Expo which is this weekend and no doubt most of this will turn up at the MCM Expo too! You can find me on table 67 in the main hall; please do pop by and say hi if you're about! Here are just a few of the bits I'll be selling.

My comic, Brains Etc. comes with a limited edition print, stickers and a zombie mini-comic, all for a measly £3.50!

Awesome Sticker packs, 6 stickers in each.

Character stickers - a favourite at cons!

Cute key rings...

...and more cute keyrings!

You be be prepared to be accosted at my table to Draw Yourself As A Zombie, as well as receiving a Biohazard Checklist. We can't have any outbreaks at this con!

I'm really happy with the new batch of cute badges I had made! There are 5 designs to choose from: My Liege, Snacksquatch, Toast Ghost, Little Samurai and Cowboy Koala. These are just a few of the bits I'm selling; there will be a lot more on my table too! :D

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