Friday, 24 September 2010

Pimp Thyself!

This last couple of weeks, I feel like I've barely done any work, purely because I've been getting stuff printed and sorted for all the upcoming cons I've got on after my trip to New York. Hopefully though, this can still be seen as work! I thought I'd just show a couple of the things I've had printed that will be made into what I like to call Pimp Packs to hand out to peeps at the New York Con. I may not be selling stuff, but I can still spread my head-cheese around a bit!

First off is a nifty little print adorned with what I've come to see as my "brand" charaters. I love these little doods as they make great stickers and just seem to tie all my work up and hopefully give people an idea of what they can expect from my portfolio. I'll be doing something similar to this but a lot cooler and much more inventive when I finally start sending stuff out to publishers!

Also to add to my Pimp Packs are two business cards; one for my sites and one for my shop. I figured that making a card purely for my online shop would be better than just handing out cards for my website as it saves people going through everywhere else to find it. They're not amazing, but hopefully they'll get people looking! (Apologies for the bad photos! :P)


  1. These are great! Love your store cards especially...I could never eat a panda cookie!!!!

  2. Just love your fab pictures, good luck and best wishes for the future


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