Friday, 10 September 2010

Hecticness and another t-shirt design

Okay, I think I'm going to be spamming Threadless with quite a few t-shirt designs! My first tee is still up for voting but I got itchy and made this one too which will hopefully be approved within the next day or so so get ready to vote again! Hopefully I can reach a wider audience with these designs; I'm already getting into voting on other people's tees and trying to make my stinky presence known within the site. Fingers crossed!
In other news, things will be a tad quiet on the art front as I'm packing up my flat ready for moving. Here's where things get a little complicated; my boyf and I are in the process of being all grown up (guh) and buying a house. However, we're off to New York for 2 weeks at the start of October so I will officially be living with him when I get back until everything goes through. Bear in mind we're back a day and then off to the Birmingham Comic Show, things are going to be a bit tiring to say the least. But hopefully at the end of all this, we will have an awesome little house to call our own!
I'll be trying to get some new pics done in the meantime, just for my own sanity but my updates may be a little bit infrequent this coming month. My head hurts...


  1. I hope the Threadless venture works out for you :) I'd have a go myself except I'm clueless with computer-based art and don't understand the templates! Plus, your designs are so brill I think I'd be too intimidated to submit my efforts anyway :P

    Don't worry about updating: you've got quite enough going on in your life right now. So exciting that you're buying a house together though! And I am so jealous of the fact that every blogger and his wife seems so be going to NYC...I'll get there one day ;)

    I hope your head stops hurting soon...probably your amazing brain getting even bigger, brimming with ideas and taking up too much room :)




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