Monday, 6 September 2010

NY Comic Con Exclusive Comic Covers!

I am extremely proud to announce that my awesome boyfriend John-Paul has coloured 2 exclusive comic covers that will be released by IDW at the New York Comic Con! The two covers are drawn by our very talented fiend, Casey Coller and are based on 2 famous comic covers/film posters. Can you guess what they are?

I'm over-the-moon for my boy as he's been digitally colouring for the last 5/6 years alongside a demanding full-time job as well as completing a distance-learning Masters degree, so to come as far as he has on top of all that is a true sign of determination and hard work. It's about time his work was recognised and our upcoming trip to New York will be spent pimping said covers at the Comic Con!


  1. Tis great work! Your boy works like a frikking machine!

  2. Wow where does he get his energy from?! Gosh you must be so excited about going to New York :-)

    Sarah x


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