Thursday, 19 November 2009

R & R!

Well, I'm off home this afternoon for some rest and relaxation in my hometown of Swindon! I'm taking my sketchbook and some drawing materials with me but to be honest, I'm really looking forward to just reading, playing on my DS and watching Ulysses 31! However, my creative block has been lifting so I'll probably end up doing a lot of pen and ink work ready to be coloured on the comp when I get back.
I also picked up 2 of my favourite magazines yesterday that I deliberately haven't read yet to enjoy when I get back! Computer Arts Projects has been an absolutely invaluable source of information and inspiration and this months issue is all about apparel design so I can't wait to have a look! I also have Giant Robot - an awesome Asian culture mag that covers everything from Japanese cinema to Thai street art. I've missed a few issues of High Fructose which is a fantastic contemporary illustration magazine as very few places seem to stock it. I may take out a subscription on the basis that it's an important artistic resource...


  1. Have a great break dude, it's well deserved! :-)

    Even though I don't do so much digital work (atm at least) I still swear by Imagine FX - I've been subscribing for over a year, did get Computer Arts but really wasn't getting as much from it - worth picking up a copy if only for shits n giggles, it's all about Sci Fi and Fantasy digital art :-P

  2. I'm really not that into Fantasy art; I have a couple of issues of Imagine FX but didn't find it very useful. Maybe just because of the kind of work I do!

    Compuer Arts Projects is a lot better than Computer Arts as it has practical tutorials in it and each issue focuses on one area of design. The Illustration Issue, Video Game Issue and Character Design issue are amazingly good. The back issues I have of it are getting quite tatty now as I'm always referring back to them!

  3. Cool! Cheers for the tip, that was my problem with Computer Arts - for the money I really didn't feel like I was getting very much out of it, will definately check out the Projects version.

    Currently working my way through an introduction DVD to Corel Painter - it's absolutely incredible, does a fantastic job of recreating the analog tools when coupled with a Wacom!

  4. Have a lovely weekend! CAP Mag is awesome~~!! :D
    Hee hee


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